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What students say

“Jenna is an incredible mentor! Her industry experience brings lots of useful insights for me at UX Academy class. She always encourages me to think about the user and how I can better enhance the UX for my projects. Jenna is direct, and her communication is clear because she wants you to be successful, which is why I'm able to progress much faster. She is also flexible and always try to work around my busy schedule, which I truly appreciate! Thank you Jenna!”

- Wendy C, UX Academy

“I was lucky to have Jenna as my Designlab mentor. She is very knowledgeable in her field. She was also very quick to provide feedback or to answer my questions. I was especially impressed by Jenna’s ability to ask thought provoking questions and to give space for my own reflections on good design.”

- Daryna B, Design 101

“I don't know if I can truly express how much I appreciate Jenna's feedback. It has helped me tremendously in this part of the course – I just feel like I'm learning so much from her. It's amazing. She is so knowledgeable, and gives great advice and guidance. Her feedback pushes me to be a better designer, to learn more, to try harder.”

- Olga T, UX Academy

“Jenna is incredibly knowledgeable and one of the easiest people to talk with that I've met. Her feedback of my work was much welcomed because her attitude was to understand your thought process before providing her input. From my experience in UI/UX (and professional experience in general), the "Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood" mantra is rare, which Jenna exercises perfectly, fostering a spirit of positive feedback and constructive criticism. Her feedback was detailed and she eloquently explained her thought process. There were times where I would directly quote her at work to help my colleagues understand the process. Given the opportunity, I would take another course both with DesignLab and/or with Jenna as my mentor.”

- Gerry P, Design 101

“Jenna was great. We had really good 1 on 1 sessions and she pushed me to think critically about, and explain the thinking behind, my design process. Jenna was understanding towards my rescheduling of our skype meetings - which i think is great considering how busy everyone is. Most of all Jenna was a great communicator and she was always in the zone when I needed mentoring. This should not be understated, mentoring can be tricky and some people with great skills should really avoid teaching them. I considered myself lucky as Jenna is both an very accomplished designer and a great teacher / mentor.”

- Rainer M, Design 101

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