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“Mr. Qazi has been a blast to work with and I would highly recommend him as a mentor to anyone looking to break into UX/UI. His knowledge and experience in the field is vast. His ability to clearly communicate complex ideas in simple ways and give concise and constructive feedback has made my journey so much easier. He was always able to motivate and empower me to make my own decisions and make my own mistakes while helping guide me to a product I felt confident in. His kindness and patience knows no bounds. But ultimately, above all Mr. Qazi was a great hang! I always enjoyed jumping on a call with him and catching up. He has a warm and relaxed demeanor that always made me comfortable and like he had my back! I am very thankful for the time I got to spend learning from Mr. Qazi and know it will serve me well in my UX/UI career.”

- Ben B, UX Academy

“Farhad mentored me during the Phase 1 portion at DesignLab. I am truly impressed by his dedication, expertise, and ability to inspire new designers. As a mentor, Farhad displayed an extensive knowledge of user-centered design principles. Coupled with his hands-on experience in the field, this allowed him to provide invaluable insights. Farhad exhibited great communication skills and demonstrated patience in explaining complex concepts in a clear and approachable manner. I firmly believe that his passion, expertise, and mentorship skills would be valuable assets to any organization.”

- Natasha , UX Academy

“Farhad is a great instructor, who always provided clear instructions. He allowed you to work at your own pace, and pushed you if you felt you wanted a challenge. I enjoyed my experience with Farhad, and wish him the best in the future.”

- Sidaq G, UX Academy

“Farhad is a wonderful mentor and I definitely learned a lot with him. He is structured and gives organized constructive feedback but also creates a real connection with his students because he cares. He's understanding and holds his students to a standard he knows will help them improve and he's very encouraging! I would love to have gotten more time to learn from him.”

- Carolyn S, UX Academy

“Farhad was an amazing mentor. He was extremely knowledgeable about the whole process from start to finish and how it applies in the "real world." More importantly, he was able to convey his knowledge so that I would understand and fill in any gaps that I had in my learning. I enjoyed our conversations and look forward to continuing to lean on him for support when needed.”

- Val K, UX Academy

“Farhad is an attentive and holistic mentor who helped me secure my dream product design role. He trains you thoroughly with a critical eye. I learned a lot from his wealth of design and business experience.”

- Nabila H, Career Services

“Farhad is a seasoned professional in the creative and digital design industry, who I can only recommend. As a career services coach at Designlab, he helped me to gain confidence and land my very first role as a full-time Product Designer. I will happily collaborate with him in the future if the occasion arises. Thanks and all the best!”

- Jose M, Career Services

“Farhad Qazi was so supportive from the start. He was great at having personal conversations that made me feel at ease from the beginning. As I worked through the Foundations course work, he was fast to respond and consistent in his feedback. Taking a big leap from my previous career, this was an imperative level of support to ensure I was moving in the right direction. His patience, guidance, and honesty helped me get through the program and into the Academy. His dedication to the program and to those he mentors is admirable. Thank you for having him on staff!”

- Curtis K, UX Academy Foundations

“Farhad was an amazing mentor throughout my design journey with Designlab. He also deep dived into the industry, job market, hiring requirements, and his expectation of a UX designer. He always provided me timely feedback on my work that was more than a simple compliment or critique. He often encouraged me with kind words even at times when I didn’t believe in myself. He deeply cared for my growth, helped build my confidence in design, and gave me the courage to explore my possibilities. I’m extremely grateful for that. Besides his professional skillset, Farhad is also very friendly, easy going, and always positive, which is a joy to work with!”

- Doris C, UX Academy

“Farhad was my mentor for the Foundations course and I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. Not only is Farhad a UX veteran, having worked on projects alongside Nielson Norman Group, he's also an exceedingly kind person. He doesn't shy away from compliments which can be rare in design. While also being critical when needed, he did not nit-pick unnecessarily slowing down progress for small things. I hope to work with Farhad again in UX Academy and can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking a mentor.”

- Peter G, UX Academy Foundations

“I am very thankful to have had Farhad as my mentor during the UX Academy program! He is a very experienced designer, which proved to be crucial as he provided very helpful feedback and direction in my time in the program. He gave me a lot of support- whether it was sending over resources, answering my questions, or just be fully present during our calls. I appreciated all his guidance during my time in DesignLab.”

- Gloria F, UX Academy

“I had a great time with Farhad as my mentor. He is aware of what strengths and weaknesses the student has. He also provides lots of resources and useful links to help his student progress with the work. He also showed real-life examples of UX/UI design which helped me grasp the design notions better along the way.”

- Dongyeun K, UX Academy

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