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What students say

“Erika was a joy to work with. You could tell she put in time and thought into her feedback, while maintaining a positive atmosphere at all times. I didn't feel I was just one more in her pool of students, but a person of my own that needed guidance.”

- Barbara J, Design 101

“I really enjoyed speaking with and getting feedback from Erika. She's easy to talk to and explains design research very well!”

- Jordan E, UX Research & Strategy

“Erika was friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and accessible.”

- XAVIER V, UX Research & Strategy

“Erika was very helpful throughout the course, always positively answering all my random questions with with insightful responses and recommendations.”

- Carmine C, UX Research & Strategy

“Erika is very thorough and explains her thought process. I really enjoyed having her as a mentor as I felt that she challenged me and helped me not just complete the assignments but gave me insights how to improve and expand each exercise and how to use it in the real world. I liked Erika so much I requested she be my mentor for all my short classes I have taken. I feel like I've gained a companion that will always be there to help me in the field.”

- Jacklyn N, UX: Interaction Design

“Erika is amazing! She helped me understand each part of the course clearly and always responded within a reasonable amount of time. She also challenged me to perfect and think through each assignment. She showed her excitement along with my progress, which helped motivate me and dive deeper into the course. She also provided several super helpful resources.”

- Jacklyn N, UX Research & Strategy

“When I got this email, I immediately needed to review Erika!!!! She is amazing! She's been such a fantastic mentor - one that provides thoughtful and timely feedback; She explains things SO well - I really really enjoyed working with her and getting to know her! So much that I told her about an opening at my company :) . She is amazing and I hope that she's recognized for doing a fantastic job!!!”

- Sarah S, UX Research & Strategy

“Erika was lovely. Her calming demeanor put me at ease when receiving feedback. It was a great experience to learn from her and made the deisgnlab experience top-notch.”

- Sara, UX Research & Strategy

“Erika was/ is a joy to work with; I feel very lucky to have been matched up with her. Her feedback is thorough, easy to understand, and encouraging, and it's clear that she's very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. She's professional, but also easy to get along with and adaptable. Thank you for matching me with her.”

- Bonnie K, UX Research & Strategy

“Erika is truely a Design Mentor and Educator. She is sharp and brilliant. She is a great communicator who knows the art of empowering and challenging people to do better every time. I am so lucky that I partnered with Erika in this course. There are a lot of great Design Domain Experts but students who are new to design really need someone like Erika who asks quality questions, helps us develop design thinking and challenges us to think and improve our work through research and references. All people managers, mentors, and educators need to have the strength that Erika has. At the end of the course, it is amazing how much I have gone from the beginning. Not to mention that she is fun to work with, flexible, understanding, and super responsive and always on-time every time. Thank you Erika!”

- Kullawee K, UX: Interaction Design

“She has given me very thorough feedback on my assignments and has provided several resources outside of class material to help with my learning. It was a great experience.”

- Brian S, UX Research & Strategy

“I LOVE Erika. The energy she gives off is such a perfect match for my enthusiasm and passion to learn more about UX. She gives great advices on my projects and approach to each one. I like how she gives me her experience on similar approaches, even if they are different from how the course work suggests it. I loved having non-course conversations like portfolio, job hunting, working with clients, conducting research. It helped me see what type of real world experiences are like vs course work. I definitely want to have Erika as my mentor for when I sign up for Interaction Design. I want her to have the context for my project as I see it through the IxD course.”

- Candi L, UX Research & Strategy

“Erika is immensely helpful and patient. She gives great, constructive feedback to help you understand better and get the most out of the course. I was lucky to have her as my mentor.”

- Rachel C, UX Research & Strategy

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