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What students say

“Dhaval is a great mentor and Friend! he is always ready to listen, provide recommendations and support whenever needed. Dhaval has illustrated to me how this field is growing and changing and that even after many years there are still new things to learn. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of mentorship I received. Thank you!”

- Nana U, UX Research & Strategy

“Very helpful on feedback and share screen!”

- Rachel E, Design 101

“I feel lucky to have worked with Dhaval. He was incredibly knowledgeable, an excellent teacher, and very timely with any feedback. I appreciated how available he was with any questions and feel like my work improved greatly because of his guidance. Thank you Dhaval!”

- Sarah , Design 101

“I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. Dhaval is truly passionate about mentoring and teaching others about design. I was supported, encouraged, and challenged. Most importantly, I could actually see that my skills were improving thanks to his timely and helpful feedback. He is punctual, responsive, and an expert at what he does. Thanks again, Dhaval.”

- Rebecca O, Design 101

“I found Dhaval to be a great mentor, helped me by pushing me to do better using examples and teaching me some new tools. I found him approachable and knowledgeable and by not just accepting my first version he pushed me to push myself. exactly what I needed.”

- Aliza T, UI Design

“Dhaval is an awesome mentor! He is very good at explaining why changes are needed so I learn from it. I have a background as an engineer and no design experience. This kind of feedback is incredibly valuable and I´m extremely happy that he is pushing me to get through some barriers. Awesome!!”

- Bjørn C, Design 101

“I was sceptical at first, due to his short feedbacks on other students work, but after our first talk, all the doubt was cleared. He was really helpful and provided me lots of valuable knowledge, information through reading materials, his own case studies and personal experience.”

- Linh N, Branding

“Dhaval had been amazing as a mentor throughout the course. He understood my needs and guided in the right direction and most importantly he helped me out in every small problems related to softwares also which was a major issue for me as it was hindering my course progress.”

- Ankur S, UX: Interaction Design

“Dhaval was an excellent Design 101 mentor. He consistently gave me strong feedback on my projects, which helped me greatly improve the quality of my work and my confidence. He also helped me to understand the field of UX design more generally. I am grateful for all the knowledge and insights that he shared with me. ”

- Miranda N, Design 101

“Dhaval, thank you for being a great mentor. I had fun doing the course with you. ”

- hiromi k, Design 101

“Dhaval is very experienced and was able to answer my questions and give great feedback. I have learnt a lot from him and his encouragement. ”

- Nabila , UX Research & Strategy

“To start with 1. The detailed feedback provided by Dhaval will be of big help, cutting my learning curve. 2. Every session was filled with stimulating conversations, sharing his knowledge with me with enthusiasm and patience :) 3. Resources shared by Dhaval were absolutely relevant to what I was trying to do. (Understanding my requirements) 4. Also, Dhaval was always keen to help and show things that could be added to my various projects. All in all, really enjoyed working with him. Thank you to him and Designlab for creating a lovely experience for me. ”

- Manauti , Design 101

“Dhaval was very supportive and helpful throughout the course. In the initial phase, I found the coursework a bit overwhelming but due to his encouragement I carried on and finished the course. He was not preachy and also did not hold my hand - just the right amount of encouragement was there. Enjoyed the course at DesignLab and Dhaval was a big part of that.”

- Faisal A, Design 101

“Dhaval was very friendly, approachable and supportive and I really appreciated his feedback. He had a lot of useful tips and advice, as well as being able to suggest further reading and ideas for practicing outside of the course.”

- Susanna P, Design 101

“Dhaval was very friendly, approachable and supportive and I really appreciated his feedback. He had a lot of useful tips and advice, as well as being able to suggest further reading and ideas for practicing outside of the course.”

- Susanna P, Design 101

“Dhaval has been a great mentor through the course. He has been very approachable and a very helpful guide through the project.”

- Dhara V, Branding

“Dhaval always made himself to answer any questions or provide additional feedback.”

- Prateek A, Design 101

“Excellent mentor, great critique. Was great working with him.”

- Ragini , Design 101

“Best mentor ever. I really like that he asks you the reasons behind your design decisions. This made me think more about my process and I became good very quickly, plus he has helped me a lot and recommended material I might have never found on my own. His feedback is always on time too; I usually send in my submissions at night and he would have given feedback by the time I woke up the next day. Dhaval is an amazing mentor and friend. Thanks, Dhaval.”

- Okwudili P, Design 101

“Dhaval has been a really helpful mentor. I learnt a lot through him. Our skype sessions were definitely key for the feedback and the fact that he shared information and examples on how to execute some tasks was awesome! Thank you Dhaval!”

- Reem D, UX: Interaction Design

“Dhaval was a great mentor. His background in user research experience was very useful for improving my projects. His feedback helped me improve my skills on e-commerce apps, as well as to now the design trends on this field. He is also a supportive mentor with messages and gives answers very fast. Very happy to have learn from him.”

- Yasmin D, UX: Interaction Design

“He's a smart guy. I have been happy to work with him. He gave me very useful knowledge. Thanks!”

- Pietro B, UX Research & Strategy

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