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What students say

“Chris is, without doubt, one of the strongest mentors and teachers I have ever come across. His depth of knowledge and expertise in the area of UX (and frankly, all aspects of design) are unrivalled in my experience. He is a fantastic teacher who knows how to push - or lead - his mentees as the situation necessitates and my design skills significantly improved with his tutelage. Without his support, I doubt I would have completed the course. Looking through the public mentor feedback on other student's projects from different mentors I feel lucky to have been a student of Chris'. While Chris can't mentor every single student, I personally believe he could dramatically improve other mentor's skills if given the right opportunity to do so within Designlab. I have just now accepted a Sr. Product Owner role within a scaling startup where design is held in high esteem. Thank you to Designlab and Chris for assisting me in securing this next move.”

- Nick H, UX Academy

“Chris was my full time mentor, as well as my career coach on my request. I can honestly say I wouldn't have ended up with a portfolio I am so proud of without his guidance. Chris helped me out with questions, concerns, professional advice and most importantly knew when to step in and help me, and when to stand back and let me figure things out by myself. He always responded to all my questions in less than 24 hours, and most importantly, he was reliable. He's great at thinking outside the box, and I feel like he gave me that confidence to have fun with my work!”

- Meghana B, Career Services v1

“Chris is very good at guiding you, also sometimes pushing you a bit, in order to get you to where you do your very best. ”

- Idun, UX Research & Strategy

“Chris was a fantastic mentor. He not only provided feedback within hours, but it was very detailed and constructive. Always ready to share his real-life experiences and provide great explanations, examples and tips. Having such an experienced mentor made it very encouraging and gratifying. Very grateful to have been his mentee and have had the opportunity to learn from him. ”

- Paula R, Design 101

“Very committed, encouraging and supportive.”

- Janat S, Design 101

“Very helpful and knowledgeable.”

- Elliott D, Design 101

“Chris provided great feedback and guidance throughout the course.”

- Jason S, UX Research & Strategy

“Chris has been a brilliant mentor! Always gave constructive feedback that enabled me to refine and improve my submissions and I have learned and taken so much from each of the weekly mentor sessions. Top notch!”

- Danny W, UX: Interaction Design

“Without Chris I would not have made it even half-way in this course, he guided me when lost and provided help and feedback all the way, constantly inspiring and challenging me to think again and learn more. Thank you!”

- Unni W, Design 101

“Chris was absolutely amazing. 5 stars is nowhere near enough! I am so grateful for the support and advice he's given me over the last few months, both on this course and the UX course I previously took with him. He's got a huge depth of experience and is really generous with it. That meant he was able to move between really practical design details right though to high level mentoring around management and even career progression all on the same call. His mentoring has been massively helpful in my development as a designer, but also on a day to day level in my current job. He's given me really effective and tailored feedback to the work, that's really helped me progress. (He's also very straight with you which is really important and appreciated. That meant I've been able to move on faster.) On top of that, he's a really nice guy :) Thanks very much Chris! ”

- Kieron K, Design 101

“Chris is an incredible mentor. I still can't exactly explain how, but he's an expert at guiding you in the right direction without telling you what to do. I learned so much more than I expected, that I signed up for another course with him. Thanks Chris, see ya next week!”

- Rob S, UX: Interaction Design

“Great sessions! Really useful thoughts and input and great to get the benefit of his many years of experience. Also really appreciate his flexibility and skill in discussing lots of different areas of UX work, including, but not restricted to, the course materials. ”

- Kieron K, UX Research & Strategy

“Chris was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole course. He consistently provided me with great critiques of my designs and always encouraged me to think more about my choices. The quality and frequency of his feedback enabled me to get the absolute maximum out of the course and improve as a designer. He was always happy to share his knowledge and experience about all areas of the design world, beyond the course itself and this was particularly useful. He was always available and willing to help with critiques and any questions I might have about projects or real-world scenarios. I can't thank him enough for all of his patience and help. Thank you, Chris.”

- Dan A, Design 101

“Fantastic mentor. I have learned so much and can't thank him enough. ”

- Robert M, Design 101

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