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What students say

“I was so lucky to be paired with Bob as my mentor! He gave me great feedback on my designs, helped me see where I can grow as a designer, and helped me think about my career steps.”

- Ellen A, UI Design

“Bob is the most amazing mentor I have ever met. I just can’t express myself with words but I will recommend Bob for anybody who needs coaching or guidance on UX/product design projects or career advice. Bob always provides amazing insights and helpful tips and tactics. Whenever I feel confused or unsure, I can always find my direction and feel enlightened after talking to him. Bob would always go above and beyond to visualize and dive into details when giving advice. He is genuine, down-to-earth, seasoned, and most importantly, he has so much passion for the UX design community and he is dedicated to helping junior designers grow. I worked with Bob on several projects. His experience in UX design and amazing leadership skills helped me tackle numerous complexities and difficulties. Bob is a great mentor, an amazing design lead, and a valuable member of the UX design community.”

- Siyuan Z, UX Academy

“Great! He was very open about his experiences managing other designers which was very insightful. He also made it feel like I was working for him.”

- Brian M, UI Design

“Rather than just providing feedback for a single project, Bob has prepared me for long-term success by helping me to think through the reasoning behind my design choices. The frameworks, tools, and resources he shared will help me grow as a professional and take my work to the next level.”

- Randy M, UI Design

“I had a great experience with Bob during UI design course. I cannot thank him enough for his excellent mentorship. He reviewed all my projects with patience and gave me super constructive feedbacks. I could see a significant improvement in my designs after each iteration. Mentoring sessions were great experience for me as well. A combination of detailed comments on my projects and high level guidelines for my long-term career journey has made my mentor sessions a unique learning opportunity. Thank you Bob!”

- Anahita A, UI Design

“Very helpful and engaging. Really wants to help the students learn material outside of what the course provides. He doesn't want his students to just pass the course, but he wants to ensure students are armed with the skills and processes to use in the workplace.”

- Yasmin B, UX Research & Strategy

“Bob walked me through the process of UI and helped me also with the use of the programs I can benefit from. He spent time to show me how to make better my design and be more effective. I know I have a lot to work on and to learn, but I think I understand now what a UI designer has to do and can do. Bob gave me also many tips and resources I can use to develop my UI skills. I had a great experience with Bob. I'd recommend him as a UI mentor.”

- Angela B, UI Design

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