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What students say

“Martino is a super nice guy with so much knowledge and experience! He is patient when you ask questions and gives great feedback on your work.”

- Karen Q, UI Design

“Martino was a great mentor. He was very nice and knowledgable about the UX field that he works in. He was a great teacher of UI concepts and I appreciated his style of teaching. We would go into my projects durning our sessions which was very helpful for me. I learned a lot from him and am very grateful that he was my mentor.”

- Clay H, UI Design

“Martino was a great mentor. He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to design and goes beyond the concepts to make you think about how design plays a role in everyday life. He gave necessary feedback on my assignments and made sure the work was presentable. Thank you for your help!”

- Pam G, Design 101

“Martino was helpful in providing feedback on my exercises in our calls and guiding me through tips on how to build my portfolio. I really enjoyed and benefitted from having a mentor throughout this course.”

- Rachelle D, UI Design

“Martino was amazing with offering flexible times for sessions and offering resources relation to everything design!”

- Ariel R, Design 101

“Working with Martino was absolutely amazing! I honestly could not have asked for a better mentor. I am so grateful I got him. He was so good in always putting small things into different and larger perspectives, focusing on both small and big picture. His feedback made me think harder and better as a designer. Wished he could've been my UXA mentor!!”

- Natalie Q, Design 101

“Martino was a great mentor! We had wonderful mentor sessions that were incredibly valuable to my progress in the course.”

- Sarah B, UX Research & Strategy

“Martino has been a great resource for me in terms of User Experience and life advice. He has been flexible when needed and has left great comments for feedback.”

- Matt W, UX Research & Strategy

“Martino was encouraging and helpful! I truly enjoyed working with him.”

- Jess S, Design 101

“Martino was great to have as a mentor and I believe DesignLab did a great job pairing us up! Martino was very attentive and always available to answer any question I had. It was also great to be able to speak spanish with him and receive valuable feedback on my work. I know we will remain in contact after the course and I'm hopeful to continue working with him or using his guidance in the future. Great job DesignLab!”

- Adriana G, Design 101

“Martino is really knowledgeable about Design having had such extensive experience in the field, he gladly would answer any questions I had and would even go through real-life examples to demonstrate certain concepts. I was able to ask him challenging questions which he gave very well thought answers to and found that his supportive nature and style of giving feedback was very beneficial. I would definitely recommend Martino as a mentor to others!”

- Alvin K, Design 101

“Martino has a lot of great advice and he understands my personal struggles with the program. He helps explain what might help me with projects and his help with career advice is extremely useful. I am very satisfied with his mentorship.”

- Lexy M, Design 101

“Martino has been an excellent mentor. He provided feedback and support throughout the course. Furthermore he allowed me to explore different topics and suggested further reading and knowledge material. Martino is quite knowledgeable, friendly and excellent at teaching!”

- Esteban P, Design 101

“Great mentor! Very approachable, and flexible with scheduling. He taught me a lot about the industry and how to best use my skills to get a job in the future”

- Keegan S, Design 101

“Martino is not only a very experienced, brilliant professional, but also a very committed teacher. He is flexible, understanding, patient, prompt, open for all communication channels. A great asset to Designlab.”

- Kullawee K, Branding

“Very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.”

- Emily , Branding

“Having Martino as a mentor was great! He really encouraged me to keep pushing and explore beyond the project basics. He also provided good, practical advice regarding career changes and improving my skills. I learned a lot during the past 4 weeks!”

- Brittany M, UX Research & Strategy

“Martino was great. He was very patient and made a real effort to address my specific questions.”

- Ernesto P, UX Research & Strategy

“Martino is a great mentor. He has great knowledge in design and gave me very helpful suggestions and advices. I've learned a lot from his four weeks mentoring.”

- Xiaoming L, Design 101

“Really helpful throughout the learning process. A lot of experience working on interaction design, therefore, he has a lot of real-life cases to explain topics.”

- Luciano , UX: Interaction Design

“Great mentor! The one on one sessions in particular were very helpful: lots of useful tips that I'm sure I'll be making use of any time I'm dipping into using my newfound design skills.”

- Tadas A, Design 101

“Martino gave specific concrete suggestions as well as more general views on the discipline of design and current trends. He went beyond critiquing my assignments and gave me guidance applicable to my professional position. My only suggestion would be to ask more questions to determine the student's current level of knowledge about each subject. I didn't have any problems, I just think you could be even better at tailoring your instruction to individual students.”

- Steven S, Design 101

“Martino's been a great teacher, very responsive, always easy to get in contact with. He always has resources to recommend and has real world experience to back up all of his examples. He's also been very flexible with time, which has been wonderful. Overall, a great mentor and I had a great experience with Designlab.”

- Clarissa H, UX Academy

“I had Martino as my mentor for my Design 101 Class. In my first session, when I expressed my interest in getting into design as a career, he immediately started setting me up with fully tailored advice. When he found out that I lived in the Bay Area, he immediately suggested that I start getting plugged into the design community through Meet Ups. And when I asked what kind of books or media would help me on my journey, he gave me a spreadsheet of resources he's used over the years! I really appreciated his eagerness to set me on the right path, and I'll definitely be using everything he's given me this year!”

- John Y, Design 101

“Martino was a great mentor who gave me precious insights into the world of typography and graphic design as a whole. His positivity and encouragements throughout the course have given me great energy and motivation in pursuing my online studies of design. Thank you, Martino!”

- Gabrielle , Typography

“I liked Martino a lot. He gave me a lot of helpful feedback and advice. He had a great knowledge of UI and graphic design. He seemed eager to share his knowledge. He was also a very friendly guy and nice to chat with.”

- Douglas R, Design 101

“Martino is a humble, kind, and a great mentor who gives a lot of motivation and advice for the new student entering the world of UX. Thank you Martino for your 4 weeks mentoring, you opened my eyes and mind to be better prepared for the world of UX.”

- Afif A, UX Research & Strategy

“Martino is a great mentor, whenever you have a doubt or a issue he explains it all with details and gives you more information even if its not include on the course (e.g. some blogs or references). He makes sure to know your goals so he can give you feedback.”

- Daniel J, UX: Interaction Design

“Martino was a great mentor! He helped me with feedback that was clear and appropriate for my level of knowledge. At the end of the course he also gave me a ton of resources and ideas to move forward in my development.”

- Erica M, Design 101

“Martino was extremely thorough with his answers to my questions. He provided me with a rich understanding of the foundations of design and the possible directions I could take my career. ”

- Nicole A, Design 101

“He's been very nice and helpful trying to understand my needs regarding this course. ”

- Rita Z, UX Research & Strategy

“Martino is great. He was flexible with my schedule changes and always shared professional feedback without being overwhelming or demanding. He was very knowledgeable of photoshop / sketch tools. ”

- Federica F, Design 101

“Martino is very enthusiastic and passionate about design which really showed in our sessions. He was great with giving useful feedback in a timely manner. Our sessions were always very productive and I always felt like I walked away knowing a lot more than i had before. He's a great teacher and I really appreciate the time and effort he spent helping me grow and learn more. ”

- Courtney W, Design 101

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