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What students say

“Charlie provided helpful and encouraging feedback throughout the course and shared useful tips on how to use Figma. He provided me with extra resources to further my learning as well. He even chose to continue as my mentor after accepting a new position and becoming busier which I appreciated, and it showed me that he cares about his students. He was interested in hearing about my personal UX path, and was open to talking about his own experiences which I liked. I would definitely recommend Charlie as a mentor.”

- Hannah S, UX Academy Foundations

“I had a very positive experience with Charlie as my mentor. Not only was he reliable and easy to communicate with, he was very easy to connect with on a professional and personal level. He was helpful and provided great feedback through-out the process. He challenged me when I needed it and encouraged me to do my best work. I truly believe that his feedback and assistance made me a better designer. Thanks to him and DesignLab for the great pairing!”

- Erica B, UX Academy Foundations

“Charlie was an excellent mentor in the UX foundations course. He’s honest and encouraging in his feedback, at the same time challenging me to perform better in every assignment and project. He’s knowledgeable in the UX field and answered all my questions promptly, also he had plenty of useful resources to share with me. Apart from that he’s very friendly, flexible and genuinely cares for his student’s progress in the course”

- Saranya L, UX Academy Foundations

“Charlie was a great mentor. He was able to balance quality standards with individual ambitions and circumstances and was open to a flexible approach whenever needed. Throughout the course, it was very clear that Charlie cared about the learning process: he shared resources beyond the course, was happy to answer any question (or go find an answer, if none was available on the spot!), and genuinely interested in what my goals were. My interest in UX design and the Foundations course comes from an unusual background, but Charlie’s take was nonetheless quite thorough. I would take the course again and his mentorship is among the reasons why.”

- Federica , UX Academy Foundations

“As a graphic designer, my goal for the Foundations course was to get familiar with the UX. Charlie helped me to realize how and where to focus on. At the end of the course, I made good progress and felt well prepared for the UX Academy! He also loved sharing his experiences, was always open for discussion, and provided many sources for extra learning. Thank you Charlie for being such a helpful guide.”

- Congsu H, UX Academy Foundations

“Charlie was really a great mentor! He always provided me with prompt feedback, lots of advice and extra resources. I also really appreciated that he adjusted to my schedule in terms of our mentor sessions. Charlie is knowledgeable about the industry and was always able to answer any questions I had. Especially during the final design challenge, I found Charlie’s help and guidance very helpful as not only he gave plenty of advice in terms of iterations but also got me thinking about my work from UX perspective. The mentorship part of UXAF is one of the reasons why I chose Designlab and I’d definitely recommend Charlie as a mentor.”

- Julia K, UX Academy Foundations

“Charlie was a very helpful and friendly mentor. He was always prompt to give feedback and flexible whenever needed. Besides coursework, we were discussing the UX design industry and my potential future goals in this career which I found really helpful and insightful. His advice and suggestions helped me a lot. Thanks very much Charlie!”

- Jelena G, UX Academy Foundations

“Charlie was really personable and friendly. He gave really useful feedback and advice on my work. He was knowledgeable about the industry and was always sharing good resources, articles, tools, and tips. Despite UXAF being UI-focused, he still got me thinking about layout and flow from a UX perspective. He also helped me brainstorm and think about next steps/future roles that would suit my interests. UXAF was a really fun but challenging program and the mentorship was definitely an invaluable part of that. Thank you Charlie!”

- Steph L, UX Academy Foundations

“Charlie was a fantastic mentor during my time in UXA Foundations. At the start of the course, I let him know that I had a pretty quick timeline for finishing, and he was very receptive to my goals throughout the course, always providing feedback in a timely manner, scheduling/holding mentor sessions at my convenience, and using his knowledge of UX/UI to further my ability and development. During the 10-hour design challenge, Charlie went above and beyond in helping me iterate on my work, knowing that my goal was to move into UX Academy. I'd highly recommend Charlie to anyone who is serious about developing skills in UX/UI, he's constructive, consistent, and always open to chatting about the latest in UX/UI if you want to geek out about what you're learning :)”

- Leander A, UX Academy Foundations

“The reason why I chose DesignLab was for its mentorships; so it's natural for me to be wary of who I was paired with. Charlie is an excellent mentor - he has a friendly persona, and I find he balances practical experience with abstract ideas well. When I speak to him, he seems very knowledgable in the industry and is very empathic to my design process. I quickly realized it's important to have good communication while not in sessions. Charlie went beyond my expectations and gave great feedback on all my projects, thought out and well written.”

- Kim K, Design 101

“It has been a pleasure being mentored by Charlie in the past month! He always took the time to give thoughtful feedback and went above and beyond. I appreciated how he would give follow up information that I could read more into, whether it had something to do with my project or something from our conversation. Also, when I was really behind, Charlie's encouragement and feedback helped motivate me to finish strong. He has made my experience at Designlab a wonderful one, and I would recommend this course to others especially because of the mentorship aspect!”

- Lauren K, Design 101

“We had a good time and I feel I learned many things. He gave me detailed feedback to help improve my designs, but also highlighting the positive to encourage me to keep trying and know what I was doing right. I'd definitely recommend the program and him as a mentor :)”

- Cristina M, UI Design

“Charlie is an excellent mentor! His detailed feedback always helped me push myself a bit more and not settle for mediocre. On top of that Charlie has been incredibly helpful, understanding and encouraging when I was having difficulties keeping up with the pace of the course. Every student will be lucky to have him as their mentor!”

- Anna P, UI Design

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