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What students say

“He was/is an awesome mentor! He brought a lot of value to my learning and growth throughout the course. He helped me look at design and the design process in great detail. Couldn't have done it without him!”

- Krista T, Design 101

“I loved working with Chris. He helped me understand things in a clear way and helped push me to be better and think outside of the box rather than approving things when they were good enough. I’d highly recommend Chris and should I get into the academy, I’d really love to have Chris continue being my mentor.”

- Chip M, Design 101

“Chris is a great, insightful and knowledgeable mentor who leads students in a better direction. I really enjoyed the sessions with him.”

- Jiwoo S, Design 101

“Chris was extremely knowledgeable about design and the industry. His vast experience enabled him to communicate in a positive way and to offer good suggestions.”

- Jedidiah S, Design 101

“Chris is a very very responsible and responsive mentor. He is also very patient and encouraging. Highly recommended to other students.”

- Juan (, Design 101

“Chris was very detailed in his feedback and explained his thought process when critiquing my work. I appreciate that he encouraged me to push my designs further with each iteration.”

- Desiree C, Design 101

“A truly wonderful mentor! I have nothing but good things to say about this mentorship experience! I feel very lucky to have had Chris as a mentor :)”

- Vasny C, Design 101

“Chris was really good mentor, gave timely and productive feedbacks which helped me a lot. He was quick to response and was available by email almost everytime.”

- Reema B, UI Design

“Chris was a great mentor- easy to work with and very helpful! He really helped me improve my design skills, without pushing his own personal taste into my design, which is something I appreciate.”

- Devora O, UI Design

“Chris was a fantastic mentor. He responded right away to all my submissions and was always available for our video calls. Beyond that he knows the creative space and always provided intelligent feedback that made me think outside the box and ended up making my designs better.”

- Shanae' P, Branding

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