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What students say

“Angel has helped me from the beginning to the end. Not only throughout the different stages of the course but also he was deeply committed to illustrate me the meaning of the design from different points of views. He has profound knowledge of the industry and does not want us to think as machines, but as artists who care about the industry, who can grow and learn by reading, watching and observing. I am extremely grateful and pleased to have worked with him and I am sure he will help other students to love the field even more as he has done with me”

- SONIA L, UI Design

“Fantastic support . Very detailled and helpful feedback. A lot of useful recommendations. It was a pleasure to get to know Angel as my mentor.”

- Isabelle C, UI Design

“Very knowledgeable mentor, very approachable and fun to talk to. Supportive and challenging, giving great advice.”

- Anja P, Design 101

“Angel is a wonderful mentor who's so passionate about UX/UI. He is full of useful resources and such helpful feedback!”

- Ruyi , Design 101

“Angel is great, he shows passion for his job and its able to share his knowledge to anybody who needs to learn about design. It was a pleasure to meet him and i definitely want to learn more from him in the future. Thank you Angel!”

- Fede S, Design 101

“Angel is very helpfull, not only gives good feedback on the material of the online course, but is always available to give good advice on any other issue. I'm really glad that I've got Angel as my mentor.”

- Francisco P, UX: Interaction Design

“Really good! he knows a lot about UX, gave promptly feedback and shared sources and knowledge that was very useful. ”

- Fernanda V, UX: Interaction Design

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